The Exclamation Point

In 1977, Lyn Dougherty started a little needlepoint store called Exclamation Point! in Los Gatos. It featured strictly hand-painted and custom needlepoint. It took hold and many of the local women enjoyed the creativity that needlepoint allowed them. The store grew and needed to move. So Lynn Saratoga in 1985, and after a few more years moved Exclamation Point! to a second location on Big Basin Way. She enjoyed owning the Exclamation Point for 24 years.

In 2000, Lynn sold it to Mary Ellen Nixon, who enjoyed needlepoint and continued carrying needlepoint supplies at Exclamation Point. Exclamation Point continued to prosper in Saratoga. Mary Ellen enjoyed owning the store for about 5 years.

Eventually, Mary Ellen had to leave the Exclamation Point and sold the business to Dee Matthews in 2006. Dee continued the tradition of a needlepoint only store in Saratoga and had many loyal customers who came into the shop. After six years, Dee felt it was time to step back a little from the hard work of running a store and sold the store to Melanie Vancil.

In 2011, Melanie Vancil purchased the Exclamation Point and moved it to 1055 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, CA where the store continues today. Melanie has expanded the store to include supplies for cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet and tatting. Meet-up groups get together at the Exclamation Point to share needlework knowledge and socialize. Classes in basic needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, knitting, and crocheting are available at the store. There is a tatting teacher for those who wish to learn tatting. Ultimately, Melanie would like to start a needlework school in conjunction with the Exclamation Point that teaches the wide variety of needlework to those who are interested in it.

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